Pre-Order Start Page

Your order starts here. Please fill out the information below and you will receive an email with a private link to continue – check your spam folder (please do not share this link as it is specific to your order). Fields with * are required.




A non-refundable deposit of install fee & first month’s service cost is required to firm your order for Services. We will credit your deposit towards any billed services you have ordered.


The standard installation is $100 (covers up to 125 feet service wire). For homes that are over 125 feet but less than 300 feet will have an install cost of additional $50. If the distance is over 300 feet, additional cost will be based on distance. If your house is serviced through underground conduit, fiber pull fee is $50 (only if you have usable pull string in the conduit otherwise hourly fees apply). Certain areas may have different installation costs and will be provided based on location. AutoPay by E-Check or CC is required for monthly service fees.


Service will be delivered at the utility demarcation point with a Gig Ethernet port (110V power outlet is needed, and a surge protector or UPS is strongly suggested).